Enjoy these final images!!!

You have two galleries:

Gallery 1 Web Resolution:

Smaller web-resolution images suitable for sharing on social media or keeping handy on an electronic device.

Gallery 2 Print Resolution:

High resolution images that are color calibrated for professional printing. Professional printing will give you the highest quality inks, papers and materials meant to last decades, if not longer.

Galleries will be available for 1 year so you and family members can order prints as you like. Choose the green "BUY" button by each image and browse the various printing options and sizes.

If you would prefer to order directly through me and talk through your order, I would be happy to help. Most images are sized for anything with a 2 x 3 ratio (4x6, 8x12, etc.). As you select different sizes, pay close attention to the crop lines in the preview as some sizes work better than others.

If there are other sizes or you would like other product options, just let me know! These images can be downloaded for your safe keeping by using the download button under each individual image, or at the top right to download a zipped file of all the images.

To keep your images safe, please text me for the password when you are ready to download and store. I recommend keeping them in at least 2 locations for safe keeping.

I am honored to be part of this special milestone.

Thank you! -Jeff

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