Columbus Real Estate & Marketing Video

Video is a great way to promote your business, a real estate listing, or build a portfolio of completed projects.

Beyond pictures, video has the ability to connect your target audience on a more emotional level with engaging footage and complimentary music.  

Airport Hotel Promotional Video- Guest Room Focused

The client wanted a 1 minute promo video they could use for social media to promote their guest rooms and amenities. 

Airport Hotel Promotional Video- Amenities Focused

Real Estate Promo Video With Drone

This unique location necessitated lots of aerial footage to capture the proximity to downtown, great views and roof-top deck. We used still photography for the interior shots. 

Builder & Designer Showcase

This builder and designer team crafted and decorated this gorgeous and unique home. In an effort to sell and build on a nearby lot, we created this video for their real estate agent to share with prospective buyers and show the level of craftsmanship. 

Promo video for custom home

This home has a lot of unique features and finishes which are best highlighted using the promo video. 

One-minute Real Estate Teaser

This real estate video is a cut from a longer video to promote an iconic local Columbus home. The short teaser is great for social media and gives some visual variety to compliment the listing. 

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