Columbus Real Estate Photography

Your clients expect the best marketing of their home. 

I strive to give your listings accurate, natural and inviting pictures that attract multiple buyers and new clients.

Photos are carefully composed so they are not overly wide. I boost the natural lighting with multiple supplemental lights for accurate color and texture. This style and technique has been crafted with hands on mentoring with some of the best interior photographers in the business. 

What is HDR Photography?

There are many ways to capture and process real estate photos.

The business model of most real estate photographers favors speed over quality and uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing methods. This involves taking a wide range of exposures from light to dark and then auto-processing them on the computer to blend all the exposures into one. HDR has it's place in photography, but do not be fooled when it is marketed as a high-quality product.  

The results of using HDR are usually inaccurate, over saturated, muddy looking colors, and hazy images which can be misleading to buyers once they see the property in person.

 HDR is used by so many real estate photographers because it allows them to send part-time camera operators into your listing and quickly take multiple brackets before scooting to the next house. It also requires less skill, training, and investment in gear. It allows them to charge less, because they are devoting less time and attention to your listing. 

My style and technique is designed to ensure your listing is accurate, authentic, and recognizable by your seller and prospective buyers. The last thing you want is a buyer and their agent leaving comments that the house didn't match the photos they saw online. I want your brand to have high quality images that sellers rave about and helps you confidently compete for that next great listing. 

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