Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

This is me in my element, somewhere north of the 45th parallel, hiking in nature with the fam.

When I'm not able to get this far away, I like to visit our amazing Ohio Parks, especially the Columbus Metro Parks. I mostly take mental pictures of the scenery.

Notice I don't have my camera or AirPods, which are my usual accessories during the week.

As exciting as it is to photograph a new space each day, stepping away to recharge and get a new perspective is key.

A little about me


I’m Jeff

I was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan and have called Columbus home for 20+ years. I have a BA and MBA. Prior to starting my business, I managed multi-million $ IT projects for a major auto maker. Corporate life was kinda corporate, so I decided to do something with more purpose.


My Philosophy

I like developing 1-on-1 partnerships so you feel comfortable with who you are sending into projects, as well as confident the marketing materials will be consistent with the brand you are cultivating. Every photography project is unique with a distinct purpose and story, so I strive to be flexible and accommodating to meet your needs. Eyes, ears, and heart are just as important as the camera and lens.


Photography Style

My style is to look at every subject as art and then represent it and build on it in an artistic way, while keeping it authentic and natural to the scene. I balance natural and supplemental light and craft more dramatic light when needed. If you're looking for dark and moody, light and bright, or somewhere in between, I got you.


Photography Journey

Photography is in my DNA. My interest in photography was sparked from around the age of 5. My dad was a medical photographer and always had a camera around the house and would let me take a shot or two until I got one of my own. I've been honing my craft ever since through mentoring, course work, workshops, conferences, and hands-on experience.

Climb up on some hill at sunrise. Everybody needs perspective once in a while, and you’ll find it there.

— Robb Sagendorph